About Sensible Gaming

At Sensible Gaming, we aim to take a broader view of video games and foster debate and discussion relating to the medium. We want to dispel the depiction of gamers as violent psychopaths in waiting, and of games as devices that fuel violence against your fellow human beings. Video games should be stimulating, fulfilling and, most importantly, enjoyable experiences for all, regardless of taste or any other matter.

If you want to join us in our quest, we welcome you. It’s important to remember that even if you aren’t a professional game journalist or well known personality, you can still make a significant and meaningful contribution to the medium. Whether you choose to write for us, leave a comment, engage with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, or even just take our message to heart when considering the games you play, we thank you for making the world of games a better place.

Campbell Wallis, editor.

“Reviews” and such
At Sensible Gaming, we have a rather awkward relationship with reviews. For this reason, the word “review” will rarely be used, but we’ll certainly talk about games a lot. We want to answer a simple question: is this game worth playing? We feel that such a question cannot be answered with a score, and we also recognise that tastes vary immensely. Please, please, do not take our word as the end of it, but instead as the beginning of a wider discussion about a given game. For more on this stance, read an archive article “Of Scores and Men“.

We accept receive review codes from publishers and other sources. If this is the case, we will say so.

Legal Disclaimer
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