Sensible Gaming would be nothing without its staff. It’s important to recognise them, not just because their efforts are worth noting, but because the only thing as important as what’s being said is who is saying it. If you would like to join our ranks, the you’re welcome to. We have an information page ready for you here.

Note: Staff who write PC game reviews will have their system specifications here.

Campbell Wallis
Campbell is the founder of Sensible Gaming and current writing force. These days, he remains in overall control and is responsible for the entire site output. He pilots virtual racing cars and when not being medicore at that, like game that try new and interesting things. After all, rarely does the poor implementation of an idea devalue the idea itself. A relatively recent but keen advocate of PC gaming and a retro gaming enthusiast when time and circumstance allows.
System Specifications:
AMD FX-8350 4 GHz
nVidia GTX 970 4 GB
8 GB of RAM
Twitter: @Lin1876


Liam Langan
Liam joined in September 2013, shortly after Sensible Gaming became Sensible Gaming in its current form, bringing with him a small amount of writing experience and a large band of generally PlayStation-centric followers. Though generally found on PlayStation systems, and a well known champion of the PlayStation Vita, he also takes a keen interest in retro gaming, and owns various consoles from across the spectrum. He left to join The Vita Lounge in November 2014.
Twitter: @LiamHangover

Dave Morley
Dave arrived in February 2014, and immediately demonstrated his appreciation for the Sonic series and the glory days of the Sega Mega Drive. Outwith those passions, he is a keen virtual racer and plays a wide variety of games on an even wider variety of systems, and as such possesses a strong knowledge of video game history.
Twitter: @RaceProUK