A somewhat truncated episode because we were both recording to strict time limits and because the world of gaming news is still working off the E3 hangover. Even so, we discuss broken games, broken ports, broken installations, premature announcements, pointless announcements and one piece of genuinely good news. Every cloud and all that.

The podcast will be taking a break next week, partly because we’re working on making the format and editing better to listen to, but mostly because Callum is going to be on holiday and unable to record it. This is something we failed to consider before or during recording, so we said we’ll be back next week. Oops.

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(Is that pun in the title a little convoluted?)


In which we go through the conferences of E3 2015, finding meaning where we can find it, and try to decide what precisely we’re “hyped” for. Long story short, we don’t agree on too much, with the possible exception of Just Cause 3, which we agreed is pretty much exactly what a sequel to Just Cause 2 should be: unlimited C4.

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Well that took longer than expected. We did actually record episode two before but it was brought down by technical problems. Then goodness knows what happened and it fell off the face of the planet for four months. Regardless, it’s back, just in time to go through the annual ritual of trying to predict the movements of multi-billion dollar companies. Next up we laugh at how wrong our predictions were, hopefully the prediction that the post-E3  review episode will be up next Thursday is one of the ones we get right!

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It’s official, this is the end for the Sensible Gaming Podcast in its current form. However, this is not the end for our podcasting activities, and we will return with a new, improved show next month. The provisional date is set for Thursday 5th November, though this may slip by a week or so if any bumps in the road are encountered.

As a parting note, we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in, listened to and generally been involved with the podcast over the past 10 months. We will be back.


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